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Learning Center

Phone System Surge Protection
If you're protecting your phone system with AC outlet surge protectors, then you've only completed half the job.
What is Power over Ethernet (PoE)?
Get rid of the power supplies for your IP phones and devices.
What are Analog DID Lines?
Take a moment to consider how much telephone systems have evolved since the original patent was awarded to Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.
Telephone System and Telephone Station Accessories and Adjuncts
To further customize your business' analog, digital or IP telephone station you may add accessories to fit your needs.
Features of IP Telephone Stations
Current PBX systems can accommodate three major telephone stations - analog, digital and IP. IP phone stations are the newest and most talked about of three.
What kinds of telephone stations can I add to a business phone system?
The answer is simple. You can add digital, analog, and VoIP.
What is a PBX?
A PBX is fancy way to say "business phone system".
Voice Over IP and SIP Trunks
Since the advent of internet telephony, many residential offerings have evolved to compete with traditional local and long distance telephone service providers.